In-house vs. Outside Watch Repairs

In-house vs. Outside Watch Repairs

If you’re a seasoned watch collector, you know that throughout the lifetime of your treasured timepiece, you’ll need to have it serviced and maintained by a professional watchmaker.

Luckily, many local vendors who sell watches will also gladly service and maintain the watch over the many years that you wear it. Here at Brent L. Miller, we have a talented team of watchmakers who can reliably and quickly repair the watches that come our way.

Since these watches are so treasured by our clients, it’s often a relief when all of the watch’s needs can be taken care of under our roof. For obvious reasons, many people prefer to have their watch worked on by a familiar face, where it doesn’t have to be “sent in” anywhere. Not only does this eliminate the anxiety of the watch getting lost in transit, but it typically drastically reduces the cost of the repairs.

So, without further ado, we’d like to offer a breakdown of which repairs can be completed in-house, versus the ones that inevitably need to be sent in to the watch company.

In-house Watch Repairs

Our most common in-house repair is a battery replacement for a quartz watch. For a slightly greater price, we can also pressure seal the watch when the battery is replaced. As long as the watch doesn’t have a PVD coated surface, we can refinish the watch to make is look like new again. We can also clean and oil your watch. When it comes to overhauling or replacing non-functioning parts, it really comes down to which parts we are able to get into the store. We can order the necessary parts for most watches, but it varies from case to case.

Outside Watch Repairs

If the watch is being repaired under warranty, we’ll need to send it in to the company to be repaired. This is to ensure that the watch stands up to the manufacturer’s standards, so as not to void the warranty. Depending on the nature of the damage, the cost may be covered by the warranty and will be completed free of charge.

Vintage Watch Repairs

While there are some vintage watch repairs that we can take care of in-house, we are lucky to work with a local watchmaker who is able to dedicate the extra time and attention that vintage watches often need. Because of our relationship with this watchmaker, it is rare that we ever say “no” to a watch repair.

We are proud to carry many beloved brands of timepieces, and keeping those watches maintained and running well is part of the promise that we make to our clients. If you need your watch serviced, feel free to stop in and see us.

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