The Cupcake Ring

The Cupcake Ring
The @cupcakering is a modern take on a classic diamond eternity band designed specifically to be as beautiful as possible while being truly durable enough for everyday wear. In addition, this is the most comfortable eternity ring we have ever seen.  Rounded on the inside and no sharp prongs or points on the outside.
Why is it called cupcake?
1.) Every diamond on every ring features a "cup" of metal under each round brilliant cut diamond that mirrors it's diameter, protecting the diamond from hitting on other rings (your engagement ring or stacking bands).  It also protects the diamond from other objects that consistently come into contact with during daily wear.  The "cup" shape is round and very comfortable on the finger.
2.) @cupcakering features very special prongs (or in this case, "sprinkles").  Where traditional prongs look like a circle or dot of metal, and are often "shared" meaning one prong is used to hold two diamonds.  @cupcakering using something different.  A much longer piece of metal covers a substantial part of the diamond, and has a V so each diamond is held in by its own dedicated prong.  The longer pieces of metal (yes, the shape of a "sprinkle") gives over 3x the security of traditional prongs, making it much less likely you will have a loose stone, or worse, have one fall out.  It's also less likely to catch on a sweater or hair.
The cupcake promise:
We stand behind every diamond in these rings.  We will replace any damaged or missing stones, and tighten all diamonds for the lifetime of the ring.
For all cupcake eternity rings, if your finger size ever changes, we will make you a new ring and you will only be charged if additional diamonds are needed to make the ring larger (you will only pay for the diamonds, not any manufacturing work). You can find them by going here.

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