In 2017, Breitling redesigned its Superocean Héritage line to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand’s legendary diver’s watch. This year, with some remarkable models in a new 44 millimeter case, as well as a 42 millimeter version in gold and stainless steel, the success of this iconic watch family continues to grow.

The Backstory
First launched in 1957, the Superocean was created for professional divers, but it quickly found favor on the amateur diving scene and among scuba enthusiasts.

Breitling preserved the spirit of the original model with the Superocean Héritage line, which blends a timeless look with cutting-edge technology. In 2017, Breitling reinvigorated the line’s design, but was careful to retain the character that has made this instantly recognizable watch so unique.

A key innovation was as practical as it was aesthetically stunning: a new stainless-steel bezel with an ultra-hard high-tech ceramic ring that is both scratchproof and extremely shock-resistant. With the elimination of the metal ring surrounding the minute circle, the bezel appears to form a seamless whole with the dial in a matching color.

The unusual shape of the hands (triangular for the hours and lozenge-like for the minutes), along with the slightly cone-shaped hour markers, reinforces the ties today’s design has with its 1957 ancestor while ensuring optimal legibility, enhanced by luminescent markers. Below is our online collection of Breitling Superocean Heritage watches. Speak to one of our Watch Specialists or stop by our store for more of a selection.

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