At Brent Miller, our Goldsmiths hand set each diamond that has been selected loose to ensure an exact size and quality match.  Whether you fall in love with a pair that our Goldsmiths have already hand set, or you cretae your own ; you can be asured that each pair was handcrafted with love for you!

We strive to have a large array of sizes with unique combinations of total weights and quality ranges to make sure that you have a unique pair which suits you best.  So when you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, you will find a selction of studs unlike anywhere else.

An incentive to purchasing  a pair of Brent Miller in house set diamond stud earrings is that whenever you're ready ; Simply bring in your Brent Miller diamond earrings and we’ll give you exactly what you paid, towards a newer pair. If you ever do decide to upgrade your Brent Miller diamond , we will credit your full purchase price toward new diamonds of greater value, as long as the value of your upgrade is double your original purchase.

If you didn't purchase your diamond studs at Brent Miller, don't worry! Our Certified Gemologist Appraisers will inspect them and determine their value so that you can still upgrade.

Schedule an appointment  below or stop by the store and speak with any of our Jewelry Associates to begin your upgrade today!