Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

So, you’re planning a wedding and assembling a team of trusted friends and vendors to make it come to life. If you haven’t thought about what gift to get for your bridesmaids, it might be time to start!

Of course, a bridesmaid gift is intended to thank your trusted girls for being a part of your wedding. However, it’s also a great opportunity to ensure that they all have a matching, cohesive look. There are many expenses that bridesmaids incur, so taking jewelry off of that list is a great gift!

Pendant necklace

Taking into account the neckline of the dress your bridesmaids are wearing, a pendant necklace is a great gift for your girls. A sterling silver necklace with a small pendant will be relatively inexpensive when buying one for each of your bridesmaids, and won’t look too “busy” against the dress. A pearl or colored stone makes the perfect pendant.

Dainty bracelet

Similar to the simple pendant necklace, a dainty bracelet with a small charm will make a great gift, and will look sharp on the wrists of your bridesmaids. With the dancing that will inevitably take place throughout the night, they’ll appreciate jewelry that won’t be too heavy and “clunky.”

Stud earrings

Make sure all of your bridesmaids have pierced ears before you use this idea! Pearl or colored gemstone studs make a beautiful, simple bridesmaid gift. Likely, you’ll want to wear gorgeous drop earrings, but your bridesmaids will appreciate wearing something small that won’t get in the way or risk getting caught in their hair when dancing.

Engravable gift

Nothing says “I thought of you” like a personalized gift. An engravable metal bar pendant, or even an engraved monogram pendant are the perfect choice for a personalized bridesmaids gift. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a little bit extra to have the piece engraved, but your girls will love the personalized gift!

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