Watchmaker Bench

Brent Miller has a highly skilled in house Watchmaker!


We offer a wide range of watch repairs. Our repairs include, but are not limited to: battery replacement, pressure testing, link removal, replacing pin/spring bar, modern overhaul, quartz watch overhaul, replacing both a sapphire and non-sapphire crystal, replacing a gasket, vintage watch cleaning and oiling, stem and crown replacement, refinishing bracelet, and much more.

From working on your precious vintage timepiece to adding a link on your newest watch, we're here to help!

Watch Repair
Watch Repair
Watch Repair
Watch Repair
Watch Repair

Our talented Goldsmiths have experience working with a range of metals from gold-filled, a wide range of gold karats, platinum, and steel. They have worked on items fom the 1800's to items made today. Our Goldsmiths can repair a wide range of from everyday jewelry to belt buckels.

The repair service process is simple.

Step 1: Stop by our store with your repair(s) and warranty card if applicable.
Step 2: An experienced Jewelry Professional will inspect your timepiece(s) assess what needs done and provide an estimate.
Step 3: A team member will call you to let you know when your repair is complete so that you can pick it up at your convenience.

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