How to Make a Ring Stack

How to Make a Ring Stack

If you live by the tune of “rings on her fingers, bells on her toes,” or at least the first half, then you will probably love the ring stacking trend.

Basically, if you love thin, gorgeous bands (and more than one at a time!) you’ll love stacking rings. For many girls, it starts with their engagement ring and wedding band, but it doesn’t have to! It’s never too early to get your first stacking ring.

Where to start

If you’re starting a stack from nothing, you’ll want to pick a good base. For this, we suggest a diamond eternity band! They’re dainty and beautiful, but will still inspire you to build on your stack. (If you start with something that doesn’t inspire you, you’ll lose momentum to create your stack!) However, you’ll want something that’s relatively standard to begin, so a diamond eternity band will give you sparkle and allow you to expand on your stack with different textures.

Moving up

This is where your stack gets super creative. Do you want to incorporate a twisted pattern ring? How about a gemstone ring? Feel free to mix in other textures and ring types. Keep in mind that you’re creating a stack that is 100% your own, so no one can tell you that you’re wrong. There’s no wrong way to stack!

It’s a safe rule to stack until it’s silly. When your collection starts to feel like too much, then move some rings to another finger.

Don't be afraid to mix metal colors, either. While most people decide to incorporate two colors of metal, there's nothing stopping you from using more than that. You can build your stack however you think looks best. 

Stacking is a super fun and creative way to wear rings, and luckily for you, there are tons of options. To start your very own unique ring stack, browse our stacking rings collection!

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