Pearls: How to Take Care of Them

Pearls: How to Take Care of Them

Pearls are formed over a long period of time, and are quite durable as result. However, in order to let your pearls be an everyday fashion piece, they require a certain level of care.

In order to keep pearls looking lustrous for everyday wear, you’ll need to put forth a bit more effort than diamonds and other precious gems.

Limit use of pearl rings and bracelets

We know—you want to wear your beautiful pearl jewelry every day. However, we use our hands for EVERYTHING. Your hands come in contact with all types of chemicals that can harm your pearls. Not to mention, your hands graze all kinds of surfaces that can scratch the luster right off of your pearls. Because of this, you should limit how often you wear your rings and bracelets, in order to maintain their beautiful shimmer.

Defend them from acidity

Pearls are vulnerable to acidity. If you wish to keep your pearl jewelry healthy, you should limit their exposure to acidic chemicals.

A great way to shield them from everyday chemicals such as cosmetics and hairspray is by applying your makeup, hair products, and perfume, and allowing them to set prior to putting on your pearl jewelry. Don your pearls as the last step of your daily routine, and your pearls will thank you.

Clean them after use

Perspiration can absolutely harm your pearls. If you’re dancing in them, or even going about your daily routine, you’re sure to sweat at least a little bit.

At the end of the day, wipe your pearls down with a soft cloth to remove any residue from the day’s perspiration. If you’d like to wet the cloth, be sure to use distilled or mineral water, as tap water can often contain chlorine or other chemicals that could harm your pearls.

Let them out to play!

Just like wearing your pearls too much in damaging situations, not wearing them enough can also affect the health of your pearls. If you don't intend to wear a piece often, do not store it in an airtight location. The lack of oxygen will dry them out, dulling their luster, changing their color, or even causing them to crack.

Instead, choose a location where there is regular air circulation, but the pearls do not come in contact with other jewelry or items that could scratch or damage them. Doing so will greatly increase the longevity and health of your beautiful pearls. 

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