Can I Bring My Significant Other With Me To Shop For An Engagement Ring?

Shopping for an engagement ring

You might be wondering “How on earth am I supposed to know what style ring will my significant other like?” Or, “Is it ok if I bring them with me to pick out the ring?” 

Well the answer is, “Yes!” In fact, more commonly now than not, couples come in together to shop for their engagement ring. There are many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors available that it may be hard to know what they will like without having them there to pick it out.

Sometimes even when they think they know what they like, they may not truly know until they try it on themselves. It is not uncommon for her to come in with an idea in mind or a picture she saw on Pinterest and change her mind completely once she actually tries it on. 

Many couples now are coming in together to shop for their engagement ring. You can sit down, have a glass of champagne and enjoy the process of trying on rings together until you find the one that she loves! After all, she is the one who has to wear it everyday. From here it is ok to stop there and make detailed notes of everything she picked out and then come back later without her to make the final purchase. Or if you are comfortable, you can go through the whole process of purchasing it together and still surprise her with the final proposal. Either way you can rest assured now knowing that she is going to love it!

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*This blog post was written by Bridal Expert Janine Conrad

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