New and Unexpected Ring Trends for 2023

new and unexpected ring trends 2023

Jewelry trends come and go, constantly changing. For example, metal color popularity changes every few years. But some trends never change. Take the round shaped center diamond on an engagement ring for example, it has been the most common shape for engagement rings for years. When it comes to wedding, anniversary, and eternity bands, in most recent years, dainty and delicate rings have been fairly popular. But, things are about to change.

According to experts, chunky rings, and ring stacks are on the rise. An expert Nicole Wegman stated, "while [people] are still opting for a dainty thin engagement ring bands, they are starting to gravitate towards a chunkier wedding band...Having a thin engagement ring gives them the opportunity to really play around with the size of and look of their wedding stack." 

There are different factors that play in to this new trend. One factor being that people want to mimic celebrities that often change their ring stacks. Another factor to this trend is the revival of other fashion trends from the 90's. Fashion trends often repeat themselves about 20-30 years after their origination. We've seen that recently with the revival of other 90's trends like claw clips and biker shorts, amongst other trends. 

A full stacked look is becoming increasingly popular, "incorporating multiple bands. Some couples are buying a few [rings] to have for their big day or adding in a [new] band for different life milestones, like an anniversary or [gift]" said Wegman.

I personally have almost ten different wedding bands. Being a jeweler, primarily working with my hands and heavy machinery, I don't always wear a ring. I have an engagement necklace instead of an engagement ring. My necklace has a detachable halo, the halo acting as a wedding band when I don't wear a ring on my finger. I also have a "main" or primary wedding ring that I wear when going out somewhere. But, I also have about five other metal rings to either stack with or change out with my "main" ring. I also have numerous silicone bands, popular trend with people who want to wear their ring while doing tasks like exercise, yard work, and other activities where people don't want to risk damaging their ring. 

Having a thicker stack can also give the appearance of having larger jewelry. According to Wegman, "a chunkier design adds an unexpected twist to a bridal stack, along with additional finger coverage. It helps create a big moment in a prominent way."

Having a stack allows for more flexibility. There are endless possibilities! You could stack different metals. Or stack different metal finishes: high polished, satin, Florentine, brushed, sandblasted, etc.. Another option is stacking different stone types, colors and shapes. Or even, mix and match all of the above combinations! 

Whatever your stack, it is your unique stack! No two stacks are alike, as no two people are alike. It is unique just like you!

When you're ready to take the first step towards your chunky stack, the experienced Jewelry Professionals at Brent Miller are here to help you out! Text us at the bottom of the screen, give us a call or stop on in! We cannot wait to help you find a stack to fall in love with.

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