7 Reasons For Buying Custom Jewelry

7 Reasons For Buying Custom Jewelry

Some people like to walk into a store and find exactly what they’re looking for. However, that’s not always a possibility in every situation. There are so many reasons why someone might order a custom-made piece of jewelry, but we’ve put together a list of the top 7 reasons that our customers come to us for beautifully unique custom jewelry.

“I have loose diamonds”

This reason isn’t hard to understand: you’ve got loose diamonds, but no setting to hold them! While it’s possible to have these diamonds set into a semi-mount piece that already exists, that isn’t the best solution for everyone. What if you have an uncommon shape or several diamonds in different sizes or shapes? Creating a custom piece to fit the stones is likely the best option.

“This piece isn’t my style”

If you receive a piece of jewelry from an older family member and it just isn’t your style, that’s understandable, and it’s just fine. Rather than letting the piece collect dust in your jewelry box, you can have the stones removed and re-set in a custom piece that you will wear.

“I want a new setting”

Well-made jewelry should be able to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t start to look less polished or simply go out of style. If you’ve been married for 30-40 years, perhaps it’s time for your engagement and wedding rings to get a face lift. Maintain the sentimentality of the pieces by having the stones re-set into a beautiful new ring.

“I got inspired online”

If you spend any amount of time looking at jewelry online, you know there is more uniqueness and diversity in jewelry design than ever before. In your experiences, you’ll find pieces that you love, or at least *mostly* love. Maybe you like an element from a ring, but you think it would look better as a pendant on a necklace? You can get that piece made especially for you.

“I always envisioned this piece”

In your head, you’ve designed the perfect piece of jewelry. You’ve looked through one jewelry store after another, but you’ve never found anything similar. No problem! Tell your idea to a custom jewelry specialist, and they can bring your wonderfully unique vision to life.

"I need to match this unique piece"

You may have a beloved piece of jewelry that was custom made previously, artisan-made, or even discontinued. If you need a matching piece for it, custom designing its pair is a great option. The jeweler will be able to recreate the look of the original piece and come up with something beautiful to match.

"I need a contour band for my ring"

For many who want a matching bridal ring set, they are able to buy their wedding band from the same company as their engagement ring. However, this is not always a possibility, especially if your ring features an uncommon shaped center stone. That’s when you’ll want to talk to a custom jewelry specialist to design a band that perfectly contours your engagement ring for a complete look.

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