Activities that Damage your Fine Jewelry

Activities that Damage your Fine Jewelry

Your beautiful fine jewelry should be able to withstand regular wear without taking on too much damage! However, to increase the lifespan of the piece and maintain its beauty for longer, there are certain activities that you should avoid while wearing them.

Cleaning with harsh chemicals

When cleaning the house, it is a good idea to remove your rings and bracelets. Especially if you’re dipping your hands into cleaner, you’ll want those items removed and safe from the chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach can be damaging to your jewelry, and wear down the stones and metal. In addition, if you are using abrasive cleaning utensils such as steel wool or a coarse brush, they can scratch and scuff your jewelry.


Whether you’re swimming in a pool or the ocean, it’s a good idea to remove your jewelry. If any of the pieces are loose on you, or have weakened clasps, they can get lost in the water and damaged in the process. In addition, chlorinated water and sand can cause damage to the metal and stones in your jewelry.

Applying lotion or sunscreen

The oils in lotions and sunscreen will dim the shine of your jewelry. The oily residue will stick to the piece and make it look dirty, or simply less shiny and beautiful. While not permanently damaging, you may have a difficult time polishing them to look ‘like new.’

Doing your hair and makeup

Just like lotions, makeup and hair product can leave a residue on your jewelry, specifically rings that come in contact with the product. In addition, hairspray that comes in contact with your jewelry will stick and damage it with the harsh ingredients that it contains. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to put your jewelry on as the last step of your process for getting ready.

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