“Celebramos” An Interview With Eliel Garcia

“Celebramos” An Interview With Eliel Garcia Brent Miller

When did you come to America?

I came to America on February 1, 2010.


How did you get into the Jewelry Industry?

I went to the mall looking for a job, and walked into a jewelry store and asked if they were hiring. I started working for a jewelry company under the umbrella of Berkshire Hathaway , obtained my AJP and later joined the team here at Brent L. Miller. 


What do you enjoy about working for Brent L. Miller

I love our staff and our customers!


Did you grow up celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

I didn’t learn about Hispanic Heritage month until about five years ago. I  realized that even though I was now here in America, that it was important to celebrate both my Mexican heritage as well as my newfound American culture. 


What are your favorite ways to celebrate your culture?

FOOD! I love making tacos “para mi amigos y mi familia” (friends & family). 


What is something that you’re proud of about your Mexican culture?

Familia (Family). In Many Hispanic cultures, Family is the heart of all that we are. It is why we work as hard as we do, to honor them. It’s so important to honor and celebrate our family; past and present. Family meals are a staple in hispanic culture. It allows us to connect with each other and keep our stories, traditions and culture alive. 


Is there a Hispanic Leader you’ve grown to admire?

Freida Kahlo. She is such an inspiration to me. She has overcome so many obstacles and somehow still found a way to pursue the things in life that bring her joy. She inspires me to do the same, even when life isn’t always easy. 


What is the best thing about being Hispanic?

My language. I love speaking spanish!


Can you share one way that you are often stereotyped as a Mexican American, and how can we correct that stereotype?

People often assume that all Latinx / Hispanics come from mexico. I think a simple solution to this is just to ask. We love sharing about our culture, food, and where we come from! 


Another thing I’ve found is that people too often assume that all people of hispanic descent work in service related jobs (however the truth is that they embrace and find their livelihood by doing many different jobs  ) . My people are hard working people. We enjoy working hard for our families and doing the best that we can each day. In my time working closely with Leadership Lancaster, I’ve seen so many talented Hispanic people. They are a great resource for connecting people of diverse backgrounds with career opportunities they will thrive in. 

What is a Mexican / Hispanic tradition that was passed down to you?

Celebrating Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). I love celebrating this holiday in November and honoring my family who has since passed. 


What is something that you feel we can all be more aware of?

Cultural differences. The way that one person was raised isn’t necessarily the way that another person was raised. We all come from different backgrounds and with different stories to tell. I think we can all remember to be aware of our differences and celebrate those. Ask each other questions and be kind to one another. 


How are you involved in the Hispanic Community in Lancaster?

I volunteer with several organizations in the area that allow me to pursue one of  my passions. I love opening doors and bringing diversity to organizations such as The National Watch and Clock Museum. It’s also such a joy to work with community organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster. 

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