“Celebramos” Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

“Celebramos” Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month and Beyond Brent Miller

Why is Hispanic Heritage Month so important?

In general, celebrating the heritage of members of our community is so important because we are a nation of immigrants. We should all take the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the contributions that have made our communities and country a better place to exist.


What are we celebrating and why does the celebration run mid-month?

It would seem odd that the celebration spans 2 months but there is a very good reason!  Eight Latin American countries’ independence days fall between September 15 and October 15; although it’s very commonly misunderstood that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day.  We are celebrating the desire for sovereignty and independence of the Latin American countries.

  • Costa Rica: Sept. 15, 1821
  • El Salvador: Sept. 15, 1821
  • Guatemala: Sept. 15, 1821
  • Honduras: Sept. 15, 1821
  • Nicaragua: Sept. 15, 1821
  • Mexico: Sept. 16, 1810 (If you’re wondering, Cinco de Mayo isn’t a celebration of independence. Rather, it’s a relatively minor holiday in Mexico to mark an 1862 Franco-Mexican War victory at the Battle of Puebla.)
  • Chile: Sept. 18, 1810 (The Britain community in Valparaiso, Chile, gave the Arco Britanico, above, on Chile’s 100th anniversary of independence.)
  • Belize: Sept. 21, 1981


How is Hispanic Heritage month celebrated?

Largely with food!  With more than 30 distinct cultures and countries in Latin America, there are variations in celebrations but one thing that they all share is that food is an expression of culture and central to celebration! Food connects us, it’s an anchor point to each heritage we identify with, it has an emotional  component that facilitates memories and builds relationships. 


How can we continue to raise awareness of Hispanic and Latine Heritage?

It is so important to recognize how much Hispanics contribute to our culture and economy.  Sometimes we need a reminder that our future and prosperity depends on everyone around us. 

Also consider that we aren’t celebrating something foreign or exotic.  We are rejoicing in the infusion of cultures and a brighter future.


How can others celebrate?

Celebrate with culture immersion!  Look up a recipe and cook it, even if it’s not from your own culture. If that’s not your skill, patronize a Latine or Hispanic restaurant.  

Some favorites of mine here in Lancaster are: Chellas Arepa Kitchen, Floras Restaurant, Gran Sabor Latino Restaurant, El Toro Barbacoa, Empanada Gourmet,  El Pueblito, La Cocina Restaurant (Dominican Cuisine), and Tres Hermanos in Mt. Joy. Acai bowls are another very popular and traditional Brazilian cuisine, if you’re ever looking to try an amazing Acai Bowl check out Oola Bowls. 

Hop on Netflix and watch thriving Hispanic and Latine cinema or read books about Latine and Hispanic contributions in history. 

The main point is to build awareness, a more meaningful connection and a better internal understanding of what led us to where we are today.  Understanding cultures that have become part of our national fabric is to better understand ourselves. 

Purchasing a Celebramos Bracelet is a great way that we are celebrating! 100% of the proceeds will go to SACA to support and give equity to our local Hispanic and Latine communities!


What does the “celebramos” bracelet represent?

The celebramos bracelet comes in two styles with a 5.25mm width chain and a 12mm width chain for anyone's comfort and style. Both feature a Figaro Link Chain, lobster claw clasp and engravable personalization plaque. A special feature on the 5mm width bracelet is a small heart charm which symbolizes the heart of hispanic and Latine culture: Familia (family).  

Each bracelet will be engraved with “Celebramos, NHHM 2021”  to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Another significant element is the metal choice for these ID bracelets. The choice to use Sterling Silver was made for multiple reasons. Sterling Silver is a very popular metal choice for Latine and Hispanics; specifically in Mexican culture as it was a widely used form of currency for many years. Silver is also known by many Hispanic cultures as the metal of abundance. 

When you purchase a celebramos bracelet, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA). SACA’s mission is to foster and perpetuate the cultural, social and economic well–being of the Latinos residing in the City and County of Lancaster, and thereby contribute to the general well-being of the community at large. Celebrate Hispanic and Latine Heritage all year with the Celebramos Bracelet, now available in the store for purchase.

We celebrate our team members who share in the different cultures brought together for Hispanic Heritage month and honor the many contributions they have made that have impacted all of our lives. We want to formally recognize Luis Fernandes, Amber Walker, Eliel Garcia, Rosa Virginia, Rosalinda, Marianthy, Heriberto and Allan who dedicate their many skill sets to Brent L. Miller each and every day. 

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