Ring Styles To Look For In 2022

Ring Styles To Look For In 2022
Hidden halos continue to top the charts in 2022. It’s no wonder as to why with the perfect merge of classic solitaire lines with the fun detail pop of the hidden halo! It allows the center diamond to remain the main attraction while still incorporating a pinch of extra sparkle. Best part, it looks great with and perfectly frames any diamond
Texture Texture Texture is all the rage giving the wearer a fun unique setting without overwhelming the center diamond! Subtle use of textured shanks or specialty-shaped halos, allow for a classic feel, balanced with a little something people desire. 
Asymmetrical settings are the perfect reinvention of Art Deco styles for the 1920s with a modern 2022 twist. Mix it up with alternating round cut diamonds and baguette-cut or marquise cut diamonds in the halo! You’ll feel truly unique in this style. 
fancy shapes
Fancy elongated shapes anything! Ovals, emeralds, pear & marquises oh my. These shapes all give off different sparkle patterns due to their unique lines (facet patterns) and have a fun Silhouette at the same time. Elongated shapes give you a much larger viewing area of the diamond across the finger making it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat size. Sparkle + Size = Win
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