The Stacking Ring: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The Stacking Ring:  Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The Stacking Ring 

Let’s talk about one of the hottest topics that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere- stacking rings. Listen, we’re not complaining, nor confused by this style demand for not going anywhere, because it's the most perfect jewelry and accessory trend Of.All.Time. That’s right, it’s a wear how you want to, no rules, sky's the limit on combinations, sparkliest, easiest way to amp up your jewelry wardrobe. So yeah, we’re all in!
First, let’s take a look at the most common question we get about creating the perfect stack.  “What are the rules to stacking bands?” Generally speaking, there are no rules! Oh, the beauty of it all. Now, there are tips and tricks we can pass along, which we’ll break down below. The whole point of stacking rings are for each and every set to be just as unique as the person wearing them. Some people will wear a simple pave starter stacker solo for awhile, and later on add a thin polished band to it. Some people stack rings knuckle to knuckle! As long as when you place your stack on, it feels right and looks oh so you, then you’re definitely doing it right!
Where to start? Let’s break it down. Every great stack starts with a great “base” ring. This is the ring that all the other stackers are going to be paired up too and mix and matched around. This is the ring that’s usually the focal point. Suggestions on this piece would be a Brent Miller Signature diamond band. Choose the diamond carat weight band that’s best for your hand size, your overall sense of style, and of course budget. This is the band that should POP!  
The main goal of the base ring is that you love it just as much when worn by itself or when stacked with others. It will be highlighted as the main focal point. If you are trying to turn your existing wedding set into a stacking set, then the engagement ring is usually the base ring. Pro Tip: Never take away from the engagement ring, while trying add as many stackers as you can to draw positive attention to it. Can you spot the base ring in each picture below? 
stack 1      stack 2      stack 3
Now that you’ve selected the base ring that you love on it’s own or stacked with others, let’s find it some friends!
The next question we get when starting to pair other rings up to the main stacker is: Mixing Metals, yes or no?  In our opinion- yes! Reiterating the whole "no rules of stacking", this is where mixing metals is a go. Sandwiching pops of yellow or rose gold around a sparkling all white metal band is just the differentiation needed to make each and every one of your rings look their best. Sometimes you can get away with incorporating all three main colors of gold (white/yellow/rose) but usually two colors is all you need to get some excitement, without overdoing it. You want to get the most use out of your stack so, mixing metal colors creates a versatile look that can be worn with countless outfits!  Our favorite yellow and rose stacking bands are shown here:
  stack 4    stack 5    stack 6    stack 7
On the same note of different metal color, why not try adding some colored stones to the stack? Talk about your game changer! Sapphires (pink or blue), morganite, rubies and emeralds, are just some of our most asked for colored stones to incorporate into your stack. If you tend to wear a lot of black, gray, deeper tone colors, look into sapphires or black diamonds. These are two neutrals that go with anything!  If you’re more of a blush, tan, golden hue dresser, then morganites or pink sapphires might just be the girly touch to add a hint of color and sparkle at the same time. Play around with it and see what’s best for you!
Now, last but not least, the key to finishing off the perfect stack- texture! Some people want the surrounding rings to have texture as well as a different metal color.  We couldn’t support a more worthwhile venture. Texture is what makes you’re stacking set go from a multi-row ring to a true electric, personalized piece of perfection.  Add in a ring with some milgrain detailing (metal beadwork) and you've added a hint of vintage. Add a bubble texture ring and you’ve added a modern flair for very little money. Whether you lean towards twisted style bands, alternating shape bands, bubble styles or wavy bands, finding the perfect texture is definitely the cherry on top of creating the perfect stacking set sundae.  
Here are just a few of our favorite rings that provide the important texture to the ultimate stack!
stack 8      stack 9      stack 10
Now go, surf our site, get inspired and stop on in. Our Jewelry Professionals are here and ready to help you start stacking! 

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